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quaff_bros-quaffanator 4

New Beer: Quaff Bros. Quaffanator

Here’s the official label approval for the new Quaff Bros beer coming just days after I gushed about this when I tasted it at the Cincy Winter Beerfest.  There isn’t too much more revealed with this...

image 7

2014 Winter Beerfest Breakdown

It’s not too late to get down to Cincy Winter Beerfest! Here are some of the highlights from my visit last night. The Quaff Bros. Quaffinator, brewed with Blank Slate, is REALLY damn good. It’s a...

HalfcutNeltnerSmallBatch 3

The Making of a Beer Mural

The incredibly talented folks at Neltner Small Batch put together this awesome video and time-lapse shoot of the mural they created for the soon-to-open HalfCut Bottle Shop/Bar/Growler Station/Emporium-of-Great-Beers in OTR.