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Brew Professor Blog

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Local Brewery News: New tanks, new beers!

MadTree: Things remain very active at the canning brewery. Today they took deliver of two shiny new 60bbl American-made tanks. This puts their astonishing growth at 330 barrels of capacity after launching with just 90!...

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Ei8ht Ball Brewery and Bar Set To Open 11/23

The much-anticipated Ei8ht Ball Brewing is set to open its doors to the general public on November 23rd at 11am.  However, this isn’t your run of the mill local craft beer brewery.  As we are...

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Triple Digit Chickow! 12oz Bottles Coming

It looks like the folks at Triple Digit plan to take full advantage of their new bottling line to start pumping out their popular Chickow! hazelnut double brown ale in 12 oz bottles.  Personally, I...

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This is how I brew it!

You’re welcome for the Montell Jordan flashback that will be stuck in your head all day… anyways – on to the point of this post.  One the most fascinating aspects of homebrewing are the endless...