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POLITICAL ACTION ALERT: Support Ohio HB391 To Raise the ABV Cap

I have been following this legislation for some time and it has had its ups and downs in the House of Representatives.  More recently, it had gained a fair amount of support and is getting close to becoming a reality.

Ohio House Bill 391 was drafted to revise Ohio’s antiquated 12% ABV restriction on beer to 21%. Increasing (or even completely removing) this limit allows Ohio breweries and retailers to be more competitive with neighboring states.  As a craft beer fan, you should strongly consider supporting this legislation to aid in brewery creativity and help to keep tax dollars in Ohio.  Below is an overview of the proposed change:

To amend section 4301.01 and to enact section 4301.71 of the Revised Code to allow beer manufacturers to manufacture beer containing not more than 21% of alcohol by volume beginning on the effective date of this act, and, beginning one year after the effective date of this act, to allow the sale and distribution of beer containing not more than 21% of alcohol by volume in this state by increasing the legally permitted alcohol content of beer from 12% to 21% and to generally prohibit the inclusion of caffeine or other stimulants in beer containing more than 12% of alcohol by volume.

The folks at have put together an easy way to find your local representative and have provided suggested language to show your support for HB391 with your representative. It takes about two minutes or less to complete!

Take Action:

Full Bill:

Mike Stuart

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