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Reds may be faltering, but craft beer is heating up at GABP

20130806-060807.jpgRemember my tantrum earlier this year about the Reds lack of support for local (and craft in general) beer? Well thanks to the hard work of a tireless beverage manager and throngs of thirsty fans, we now have another craft beer stand at the stadium!


Those of you with kids will remember the old Food Network stand next to the enormous playground off the first base line. It has just been converted to a good beer oasis! Rejoice! Now you won’t care when junior is running around pushing other kids because you will be in your own world sipping on some of the finest hop-laden liquids in the land. If that doesn’t guide you, then look behind section 132 next to the giant misting fans (Cool Zone).  It’s also next door to the Bob Evan’s kids zone mini ball field.  Or think of it being next to the Moerlein Lager House.  Can you visualize the area yet?


Like the original Grand Slam stand, way over yonder by Section 110, it will feature four draft handles and plenty of bottled/canned beer. Probably most remarkable about the draft setup is the fact that they run a good 400 feet from cooler to tap. This presents temperature control (i.e. foam control) challenges coupled with the fact that so much liquid gold gets left in those long lines in between kegs (i.e. flushing cash away).  No worries though as a few hundred feet of sacrificed brew wasn’t going to get in the way of your distinguished palates.

Let’s talk a little about the immediate beer plans. They are definitely supporting local! You all know MadTree has been selling strong all season (how many pictures of PsycHOPathy have you seen this season?!) and Blank Slate’s tasty Shroominous showed up to the party. This stand will host four local taps with Listermann Serpentine Wheat, Rhinegeist Truth, Rivertown Helles, and Rivertown Hop Bomber. Other fan favorites available include Ohio’s Brew Kettle White Rajah and 4Cs, among others.

But, what about the Friday night beer specials?? You’re in luck friend – the Friday night beer specials have just doubled! There will now be two different special kegs being tapped on Friday nights!


All of this is fairly remarkable given the financial pressure applied by those out-of-town beer companies that buy billboards, strike licensing deals on their cans, and build bars above bullpens. However, I think this recent development is a strong testament to the demand created, and sustained, by all of you that seek flavor in their beer of choice. Give yourself a pat on the back and have a local beer!

To recap… Lots of local breweries are getting a chance to introduce themselves to new fans at GABP and us crusty old beer nerds have more solid choices with shorter walks to keep us lubed up for nine innings. Well played Reds, well played.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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