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Ok Reds, let’s set a goal to sell more Cincinnati craft beer by July 2015

In my usual, reckless style I ranted about the lack of local craft beer at Great American Ballpark.  As a staunch supporter for the local craft brewers I wanted to generate some interest in the idea of promoting local beers.  I receive a lot of constructive and rational feedback from people within the industry that had me thinking I should temper, or at least re-focus my efforts.

What is likely a sign from the heavens, John Fay at the Enquirer scooped that our beloved Bob Castellini managed to pry the All-Star Game from Bud Selig’s cold, robotic hands in 2015.  Naturally, this would be the perfect venue to showcase the quality craft beer being churned out from our local beer brewers.  There are a myriad of events during the AS Week, along with the Home Run Derby and the game itself.  While most of it is meaningless from competitive standpoint, it does spotlight and showcase the city to the rest of the country and even the world.  This is where the downtown redevelopment and resuscitation can shine on a national level and we do our best to sell ourselves as a competent city.

With all the visitors coming in town, we need to be prepared to lube them up with a lot of libations.  Front and center should be some hometown proud suds.  Moerlein will have any easy lock and then the rest of the fellas will need to double their efforts to get in front of people.  Here is where the Reds can help out.

Last year’s All-Star Game host, Kansas City, is a prime example.  They renovated their thirty-year old stadium to include a Boulevard Brewing brew pub on premise.  This wouldn’t make sense due to the Lagerhouse 100ft away but it could stand to reason that a Cincinnati Suds stand would make sense.  This may be a more focused way to spotlight the city’s resurgent brewing heritage.  It also provides fairly adequate lead time to work out the supply/demand/fulfillment logistics for the GABP beverage folks and local brewers.

Does this sound like a more rational approach or am I overly ambitious as usual?

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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