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Rhinegeist Can Conquest Continues with Fiction & Dad

  • Rhinegeist Fiction can
  • Rhinegeist Dad can

Rhinegeist continues to expand their packaged beer footprint with the addition of Fiction and Dad — two beers previously only available on draft. These two beers come hot on the heels of Panther and Pure Fury.

This puts their can footprint at 6 different canned beers in their current rotation. Truth and Cougar make up their core lineup available year-round. Zen showed up earlier this year but has been retired for the season.

Locally, MadTree is the only other canning brewery with a year-round offering of their PsycHOPathy, Happy Amber, Lift, and Gnarly Brown. Currently, The Great PumpCAN is their only seasonally available canned beer but Thundersnow will be showing up around the end of the month.


Fiction is a Belgian-style pale ale that utilizes New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin and Motueka hops to give it a very fruity and floral taste. Per the can, this 6% ABV and 40 IBU beer is described as:

Dry hopped with New Zealand hops and fermented with Belgian yest this Extra Pale Ale sizzles with an intense bouquet of lychee, kiwi and citrust adn beams with acidity. A delicious conondrum.


This simply named red ale is their holiday variety with the use of spicy and citrus hop varieties to compliment the winter months.  Per the can, this 6% ABV and 60 IBU beer is described as:

This Hoppy Red Ale balances crisp hops with juicy malts like a well worn flannel embraces the cold early dark days of winter.

I don’t have a specific timeframe for the release but I’d imagine we will see Fiction before Dad and both within the coming month or so. Expect to find it at nearly every retailer of better beer as it seems Rhinegeist is making some serious headways into get their beers out in the market.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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