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Rivertown collaborating with New Holland, Smooth Ambler

Rivertown New Holland Smooth Ambler

Pretty big news about Rivertown coming in today from the Ohio Breweries blog. Rivertown is teaming up with the very well known New Holland Brewing out of Michigan to create a sour called Funk Vessel. Rivertown has been brewing sours for some time now so this ought to be a very interesting collaboration and hopefully give them some additional exposure outside the region. What makes this collaboration unique? Rather then drawing up a recipe together and brewing it – they are exchanging barrels. Rivertown will ship theirs north, New Holland south. They brew and then barrel in each others equipment. Definitely a novel concept and I can’t wait to taste the results.

Less information was reported on the Smooth Ambler get together.  Smooth Ambler will be providing their used gin barrels to Rivertown who will be blending the beer with tonic water.  So a gin and tonic beer.  Yep, interesting.

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