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Schlafly – Dry Hopped APA – 70



I was happy to find this beer for two reasons: (1) I want to try more Schlafly beers based on a few I’ve had in the past, and (2) it was on the clearance rack. I love when good tasting beer is cheap so this was right in my wheelhouse. How could I go wrong with a dry hopped American Pale Ale??

My initial impression decidedly skewed my grade when I pried off the top and then doused my kitchen in beer. It had been sitting in the fridge for days so there was no reason for this to create a beer volcano eruption all over the counter, floor, cabinets, sink, iPad, pants, and shoes. I ended up pouring maybe 9oz into my glass so I was short from the start.

The second thing I noticed while cleaning up the mess was this was a pretty old bottle. It was bottled in September 2010. Old for a hoppy beer’s flavor profile but there are other quality control issues here. Acetaldehyde is present with a sweet, sour apple lingering flavor. Disappointing and I’m dumping out the remaining 6oz. Bleh.

It was a $1.75 at The Party Source clearance rack. Buyer beware.


Like any frustrated consumer, I took to the airwaves of Twitter to bitch about my experience.

Within about 15 minutes I had a DM from their corporate Twitter account asking me to email them so they could learn about my issue.

I explained all of the above and received this great response:

Wow on the 2010! You absolutely should not have been sold that beer. Our optimal freshness guideline for that beer (and all our lower abv beers) is 4 months. Going a few months beyond that is one thing, but you were sold a 2 year old beer and that is a failure on our distribution system on a few levels and I feel terrible. Your info is incredibly helpful as it will allow us to go directly to our KY distributor and The Party Source (which I have visited a few times and really like) and hold them accountable. We’re lucky that you are active on Twitter and we were able to hear about this, otherwise we would most likely have never known, and your experience would be enough in most cases to turn off a first time drinker of Schlafly. So again, thank you so much, and I’ll get a care package together for you this week. Thanks for supporting us. I look forward to helping make sure your next Schlafly experience is a positive one.

To be clear, this is probably a mistake on the part of The Party Source. I doubt they maliciously sold a two year old pale ale. I will still shop their and I know their beer department is run by some excellent folks.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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