Paint stirring wort: rapid cooling but messing with the hop profile?

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  • Matt Rowe

    @BrewProf I know breweries add whirlpool hops for an extra aroma punch and some flavor. You shouldn’t get any measurable bitterness there.

  • Bob Masters
  • Bob Masters
  • Bob Masters

    Jamil ( does a recirculation with an immersion chiller.

    • BrewProfessor

      Thanks for the reference!

      • Stephen Gilbert

        Well, Jamil’s method is to use pumps to recirculate the wort in a whirlpool, so it’s a little different than yours. What I generally do is just keep moving my immersion chillers to keep the wort moving, but I really like your method. It looks a lot easier than mine. I’ll have to give that a try!

        • BrewProfessor

          Glad I could help. It’s really easy and cheap.. Just remember to have your drill battery charged on brew day (or use a corded drill)

  • Stumo

    You could do two batches: one stirred cooling, the other regular cooling. Then a taste test.

    • BrewProfessor

      Don’t have the equipment for that right now.. but good idea

  • mtnagel

    I’ve read that hot side aeration isn’t a concern on the home brew scale, but you are basically doing what causes HSA – introducing oxygen into hot wort. Any concern?