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Tagged: Cincinnati

2nd_annual_cincinnati_craft_beer_oktoberfest 0

2nd Annual Cincinnati Craft Breweries Oktoberfest

Cincinnati’s favorite Oktoberfest is back and better than ever! Welcome back Cincinnati’s Craft beer Oktoberfest, hosted by Listermann Brewing Company. Unlike most Oktoberfests, there is only one Oktoberfest beer on festival grounds. The rest of...

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Grayscale – Cincinnati’s Next Beer Experience

[Ed: Guest blogger Danny Spears from shares his visit to a new theater, music, and brewing/drinking venue under renovation in Over-the-Rhine. Check out the amazing photo gallery as you tour a building essentially frozen...

listermann_taproom 4

Cincinnati Brewery Taproom Information and Prices

Now that Cincinnati is flush with craft beer breweries, nearly all of whom have on-premise taprooms it can be difficult to keep their times and prices straight.  I’ve done the hard work and pulled all...

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New brewery alert: Bridgetown Brew Works

Brace yourself, but there are actually plans to establish a brewery on the West Side of Cincinnati! Two brothers, and West Side residents, are in the planning stages to bring craft beer into an untapped...

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New Rivertown Beer: Netherland Plaza Ale

I stumbled across a newly approved label from Rivertown Brewing for a Netherland Plaza Pale Ale.  Obviously this is meant to pay homage to the famous Cincinnati lodging landmark in existence since 1931.  Per the label description:...