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Tagged: Cincinnati

OCBA-Holiday-Craft-Beer-Extravaganza-2014 1

All Ohio Winter Beer Tasting Planned

The Ohio Craft Brewers Association will be holding a special beer tasting that brings together winter beer styles from forty Ohio breweries. The event will also feature VIP early entry with food pairings created by...

image 6

The Wurst Beer You’ve Ever Drank

See what I did there? Yes, I’m talking about a Cincinnati brewery that has made a sausage-inspired beer. Naturally, this comes out of left field from the brains at Blank Slate Brewing company. They’ve never...

rhinegeis-Pure_Fury-can 5

New Rhinegeist Can: Pure Fury

Rhinegeist is on a canning frenzy lately as they receive approval for the can design for their Pure Fury pale ale. This is hot on the heels of their Panther porter that showed up a...