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Triple Digit and Stagnaro Part Ways

I have some break-up news to share on Valentine’s Day. Triple Digit and Stagnaro have mutually agreed to end their relationship. After initially self-distributing, Triple Digit partnered with Stagnaro to distribute their beers in the...

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What To Do in Cincinnati on Thanksgiving Eve

The night before Thanksgiving is quickly becoming one of the biggest bar nights of the year – perhaps overtaking St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.  Think about it.  Relatives are in town so...

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Triple Digit Chickow! 12oz Bottles Coming

It looks like the folks at Triple Digit plan to take full advantage of their new bottling line to start pumping out their popular Chickow! hazelnut double brown ale in 12 oz bottles.  Personally, I...

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New Beer Alert: Listermann Rummy

The label approval just game in for Listermann’s newest beer which is aged in gin and rum barrels. Hence, the Rummy name which harkens back to the classic Gin Rummy card game. It looks like...

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Cincinnati Brewers Share Their GABF Experiences

Over thirty Cincinnati-brewed craft beers were recently entered in the country’s largest, and arguably most respected, beer competition at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO.  In addition to the beers they submitted over...