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Tagged: Rivertown

state_of_the_brewing_union-cincinnati 12

State of the Cincinnati Brewing Union

[Updated 4/19/2013 with information about Cellar Dweller Brewing – thanks Steve!] While knocking back a number of beverages this weekend with a good beer drinking relative we began discussing the craft brewing renaissance going on in the...

Rivertown Death 2

Death is no escape, but salvation is near

So here we are at the final release of Rivertown’s Brewmaster Reserve series of four special beers celebrating the impending apocalyptic doom. Pestilence. War. Famine. Death. True to the name, this is a menacing Russian...

Cincinnati Beer Week and Cincy Winter Beerfest 3

Cincinnati Beer Week and Beer Fest Dates

It’s hard to believe Cincinnati Beer Week (Feb 7 -14) and Cincy Winter Beerfest (Feb 15 -16) are right around the corner!  Beer Week should be much better than last year and many great events...