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Urban Artifact introducing new year-round beer

Northside’s wild brewery, Urban Artifact, continues to ramp up their production as they introduce a new year-round beer to their core lineup. Cauldron, is a dry Irish stout with a slight tart character that will be available only on nitro in the taproom and around town. They describe it as, “Velvety nitro is a perfect match for this stout with roast notes of baking chocolate and tiramisu, it’s truly liquid dessert.”

As a brewery founded around wild and sour beers, 6.66% (see what they did there) of the wort is acidified for nearly two weeks in a smaller fermenter before being added back to the boil kettle for sterilization and hopping. This takes a normally roast-heavy stout and tames it a little bit with a hint of tartness. Some folks may be apprehensive of these wild beers but the world’s best selling Irish stout is brewed in a nearly identical fashion – so fear not. Although, you should get more chocolate than coffee with their recipe.

Scott and Bret at Urban Artifact see this as a great base beer for fun variants on this classic style in the future. The ABV comes in at only 4.1% but I’m told it drinks much bigger than a beer that low in ABV. This makes it one that can be repeated without unintended consequences.

You can get your first taste in their taproom this coming Tuesday (August 4th) but then it will find itself in distribution at better bars and restaurants. Check out their cool medieval-inspired artwork for Cauldron.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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