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What’s Your Definition of Luck: Stone Brewing – Lukcy Basardt – 88

Stone - Lukcy BasardtGRADE: 88

You have to love the creativity behind the entire Bastard series and more so with Lukcy Basardt. It’s a beer that completely shuns and ignores the group responsible for its life. Hence, the bastard label starts to make sense. There is a long diatribe on the rear of the bottle that pretty much calls out the drinker as a weak minded individual. Oh and it’s all in the jumbled text like the title. Fortunately the brain can transcribe it relatively easy. So it questions the consumers intelligence before purchase. Bold move.

It pours a deep, dark ruby red with low carbonation and almost no head retention. The aroma confused me initially. It definitely has a sweetness about it that is hard to place. I smell peach and grapefruit. It’s definitely not something I’ve encountered before.

The taste mirrors the aroma; it’s a little more complex than expected. Like the other Bastards, it packs strong IBU to kick your taste buds on the way down your throat. The 8% ABV is pretty noticeable with some heat rising up from your gut. But at the beginning it’s pretty different. The carbonation bounces off your tongue and the medium body costs your mouth evenly. I get a few different flavors up front but mainly it’s a smokey sweet fruit flavor similar to the aroma. It definitely has some cara malts that shine over the base malts. However, it’s kind of bland overall.

It’s solid but nothing to give up a limb or first-born child over. Double Bastard was better in my opinion.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a bomber and it runs about $8. It’s worth a try given the price point.

Mike Stuart

Craft beer enthusiast and hombrew dabbler. Part-time writer, sometimes funny.

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