Wherefore art thou Lagunitas?

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  • Tom Aguero

    Dorthy Lane in Springboro off the Austin Ave exit, like mile 42 or something, has a plethora of their brews in the build your own 6-pack area.

  • LagunitasT

    Hi All… Tony from Lagunitas here… this is an interesting story but not really true… The truth is that the distributor was unlawfully selling outside of their awarded territory and when they send beer down to Cincinnati they’d drop WAYYYY to many cases at some retailers in order to make their trip down pay and the beer didn’t seek fast enough and we’d begin getting calls from beer lovers who were just NOT HAPPY and so we told them to stop but they wouldn’t even though they said they would… It was injuring us in the eyes of beer lovers and it had to stop. By the time we got them to stop we were strained for capacity and then we couldn’t send beer to C-town without shorting other cities we’d already made promises to. When Chicago opens that WILL CHANGE ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! Cheers……


    • BrewProfessor

      Really interesting to here this, thanks for sharing Tony! I can appreciate your desire to maintain the quality of your beers to ensure an optimal experience every time. I’m excited for the Lagunitas rollout in the area slated to begin on 2/6. You’ll likely earn the admiration of a whole new set of fans. Cheers!

    • beermumbo

      We are ready to support Lagunitas!

  • Andrew

    With soo many great beers brewed in the area – who cares about Lagunitas. There are so many great regional brews to choose from. A brewery that was so picky about who gets there beer! The beer did not “seek” fast enough?!? Should you be shipping beer if it has such a short shelf life? Locally, we have such great choices. I say sorry Lagunitas, your choice to come to Cincinnati is too late! No need from the California brewery when we have better beers from our local brewers!

    • LagunitasT

      Golly, Andrew… Picky? Yes. BTW, seek was a typo (I responded on my phone) Our beer does not have a short shelf life. The cases I’m talking about were over a year old. Drink local, absolutely. We’ll be available there soon. Cheers…

  • George Harrison

    Well, if you’re ready for their arrival in Cincinnati the day has come. Tomorrow – Thursday, Feb 6. At Market Wines in Findlay. Lagunitas Launch Party Starts at 5. Come welcome their fine beer to the city!