Your Cincinnati Six Pack Has Been Decided

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  • Ted Johnson

    Dude the breweries where definitely cheating and having their whole staff upvote their beers and downvote everyone elses. I know it for a fact.

    • Tattooedjuliet

      You know it for a fact? How? Can you prove it? I would agree they would upvote their beers (as should be expected?!) down voting others? Seems silly.

      As far as I have seen the breweries in Cincinnati have been pretty supportive of each other.

    • Matt Rowe

      As a member of a local brewery, why wouldn’t I vote for my beers? I bust my butt daily in the mission of making the best beer in the city and I would assume that every brewery in Cincinnati is striving to do the same and strongly believes they are successful in that mission. Does that mean we don’t recognize other great beers? Not at all. There were tons of other great beers on that list that also got my votes.

      If you think that a handful of employees from a single brewery was enough to swing a vote, you need to check your math. Was it the most scientific survey ever? Of course not. I think everyone is old enough to realize that. But don’t go throwing around senseless accusations of “cheating” from behind the comfort of your computer keyboard.

    • BrewProfessor

      I seriously doubt it. Now is it partially popularity contest since it was blasted on their social media channels? Sure.

      But I think most of the breweries pretty well represented on the list and there was ample opportunity to vote for your favorites.

      I also think a lot of people haven’t had the chance or desire to branch out try some of the other beers. I think many excellent local beers were sadly/severely undervoted and basically ignored. But to each their own.

      Overall, it was a fun exercise and I’m looking forward to the celebration.

  • BeerQuest ABV

    You’re right! I hope your post sheds some light on beers around the city that apparently a lot of folks have missed.

  • adryll lowry

    We have great beer right here in Cincinnati!!!!

  • finnitastic

    Just sounds like people aren’t into dark beers as much as ales. No argument there.

    • Tattooedjuliet

      Dark beers are my favorite! Sadly I missed the voting on this! Dang!

      • BrewProfessor

        You can subscribe to this blog via email update so you don’t miss out in the future!

  • edpaffjr

    Would be interesting to see the results broken out by style.

  • Mike Irajoe Egan

    Actually, I believe this is a fair survey.

  • Kyle English

    I’m guilty of being a fan of the top 2 for 9 months out of the year. The other 3 my money is on @RivertownBrew Roebling.

  • Erik Smith

    Eight Ball RED DRINK!!!